Therapy Health & Beauty Clinic General Data Protection Regulation Privacy Policy


Who is collecting the data?

An individual Therapist or member of reception team (all data controllers registered with the Information Commissioners office).

Who has access to the data?

An individual therapist and the reception team.

What data is being collected?

Depending on which therapist an individual will see -  all or some of the following:

  • Name and biometric data relevant to the treatment.
  • Contact details for the purposes of the appointments and marketing if consented.
  • Medical history and current health status.
  • Feedback from treatment.
  • 3rd party communications relevant to your treatment such as GP memos and MRI scan results.
  • Receipts.
  • Reception staff have been trained to check contact information from clients at a reasonable interval to ensure up to date information.

Why is it being collected?

To ensure the treatment is safe to carry out and allow an understanding of current state of health to determine if chosen treatment is suitable, also to allow us to contact individuals with regards to treatments, appointments and any marketing you consented to.

Where is it stored?

The personal data for clients of Emma Newby (Chiropractor) Dave Sanders (Acupuncturist) and Stacey Sady (Beauty Therapist) are stored securely at all times in locked filing cabinets with only the identified personnel above having access to a key.

The filing cabinets are in a locked office accessed only by the identified personnel above and by other professional therapists.  The clinic has a policy that all therapists and employees are aware of - to keep the door locked at all times unless a receptionist is at the reception desk located directly in front of the office doorway.

The office is within a self-contained clinic on a first floor of a leisure centre building. The clinic is accessed through a locked door with an additional keypad locking mechanism.  Only current therapists and clinic employees have access to the pad code and a copy of the key.

The office has smoke detectors and the fire alarm is tested every Tuesday to protect the data from destruction by fire.

The office is on a first floor in a well maintained building and has no water access minimising the chance of water damage to the data.

Other data storage may occur on electronic devices used to access emails relating to the care of appointments of individuals.  All devices are locked with either a strong password and/or fingerprint technology backed with a numeric code.  All devices are kept up to date with software upgrades and where appropriate anti-virus software.

Diaries are kept out of view of others and are either kept about the person or stored in the office.

Other individual self-employed therapist Therapists that work at Therapy clinic keep any client records in the office whilst working in the clinic, when they leave at the end of their working day they take the records with them to be stored securely in a locked drawer/cabinet/room in their home or other place of work.

How long is it stored for and how is it destroyed?

Each individual therapist has a statutory requirement from their professional governing body to hold client data. This ranges from a minimum of 3 years up to a maximum of 8 years after your last appointment. Your therapist will not hold data for longer than is necessary and after this time will the data will be destroyed securely with a shredder unless there is a regulatory or insurance driven reason for it to be kept longer.

Any appointment slips used within the clinic which contain client data will be kept secure and then shredded as soon as they are no longer needed typically within a few days.
Old appointment diaries which contain client data are kept for 3 years in a locked cabinet.

Contact Details

Phone – Therapy Clinic 01454 320088 data protection officer (Stacey Sady)
Email –
Website –

An individual can request a copy of their data at any time free of charge subject to the Information Commissioners Office recommendations on reasonableness.  An individual may also request a rectification to their data at any time.


Any concerns or complaints should be directed to the contact information above or you can contact the Information Commissioners office.

Data collected on staff and self-employed Therapists of Therapy Clinic
Data collected by: Stacey Sady (data protection officer and managing director of Therapy Health & Beauty Clinic)

Data collected:

  • Name and address.
  • contact details including phone and mobile numbers and email address.
  • proof/copies of professional insurance and qualifications.
  • reception staff only – Bank details and national insurance number for the purpose of PAYE.


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