Therapy Clinic Room Rental Costs

We have a range of modern, professional treatment rooms available to rent, we are interested to hear from all types of therapists/practitioners.


Contracted rental cost

Morning session – 6 hours - 8am-2pm £30

Afternoon session – 6 hours - 3pm-9pm £30

All day 8am-9pm £60

The cost of total weekly sessions rented are calculated by x52 weeks and divided by 12 equal monthly payments.


Ad Hoc rental cost

£10 per hour with a minimum rental charge of 1 hour per session.

With ad hoc rental you are still committed to set days/sessions each week and the minimum rent charge is in place to reserve this session for you, we review ad hoc rental after 6 months.

For more information regarding room rental or to view the rooms please get in touch:


Call or text: 01454 320088 or 07570 682342